Simon Alcantara Star Child Campaign Video All photography, jewelry, styling and design direction: Simon Alcantara Cinematography: Simon Alcantara Models: Riji Suh and Maxmillion Makeup, hair, and grooming: Griselle Rosario Beauty Assitant: Jennifer Molina Poetry: Jermaine Brown Post Production: Max Rosario Produced by Creative Collective Col-LAB

NYC-based Yoga Teacher Riji Suh chats about letting go, growing in her practice and her favorite guilty pleasure.

Maison Mae Fall 2014 Video Campaign. Model: Riji Suh, Cinematographer: Simon Alcantara, Fashion Stylist: Mengly Hernandez, Hair and Makeup: Jesse Kaman, Production Assistant: Brandon Moore, Post Production: Maxmillion Rosario. Produced by Creative Collective Col-LAB